We have a great selection of professional manicure and pedicure tools.  Manufactured from quality stainless steel, they're suitable for all your nail and cuticle preparation.  All can be washed, sanitized and disinfected.  We stock the silver stainless steel and the anodized rainbow/chameleon. 

And as an added bonus we also offer custom laser engraving.  You can choose to have your name or business name engraved on the tools of your choice.  Just add the tools and the custom engraving product to your shopping cart, leave us a note on what you want engraved and we will do this for you.  We will be on touch with you to discuss the design further.

Cuticle Pushers

We stock a professional range of cuticle pushers in a few different shapes and sizes. 

The double curved end : With large and small curved ends, perfect for pushing back the cuticles on nails of all sizes. 

The double end curved with scraper : This has one large curved end and a scraper type blade on the other end.  Great for pushing back the cuticles and scraping dead tissue from the nail plate.

Cuticle Nippers

We have a few different nipper styles available.  All manufactured from stainless steel, with sharp cutting edges, and ergonomic handles. Great for trimming the dead cuticles from fingers and toes, with the larger styles great for trimming the nails and cutting back lifted acrylic or gel.


Professional Tools

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