Glitter Mixes

Stunning Glitter Mixes

There's only one word to describe our glitter mixes, and that is - Stunning!  They're just twinkling with colour and sparkles.  When you start using glitter in your acrylic and gel nails, it opens up a whole new world of design possibilities.  And who doesn't love a little bit of sparkle, right?  So take your time and browse through our ever growing range of glitter mixes, and start planning your next set of nails.

We have one of the largest glitter selections in Australia.  Our glitters are made of solvent resistant polyester film.  The colours will not bleed or run when used in acrylic or gel nails, or when finished off with gel polish top coats. 

We stock glitter mixes in all different shapes and sizes.  Chunky and fine, solid and mixed colours, metallic, holographic, iridescent, matte and more.  We have neon's, brights, earth tones and pastels.  There's so many in the glitter mixes collections to mention.  Why not purchase solid colour glitters and make your own custom glitter mixes at home. 

Acrylic to Glitter Ratio

When mixing our glitter mixes into Acrylic powder we recommend the 3:1 ratio.  3 parts acrylic powder to 1 part glitter.  


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