Bulk Buy Glitter

Buy Glitter In Bulk = Savings

Are you just starting out in your nail career?  Or want to expand your glitter range fast?   With the option to buy glitter in bulk from our range, we've got you covered.  We have numerous glitter collections to choose from, with the favourites being our metallic and holographic glitter collection.

All our glitters are solvent resistant and come packaged in 5g bags.  You can add the glitter to acrylic powder and create your own glitter acrylic mix.  Or press the finer cut glitters into the tacky layer of our gel polish.  Then finish off with your choice of shiny top coat.  

From the finer cut glitter to chunky glitter mixes the design possibilities are endless.  Our glitter mixes are made up of all different types, shapes and sizes of glitter.  Hexagons, dots, flakes, strips, stars and more.  Why not bling out a full set of glitter nails or mix it up and have a few glitter feature nails and the rest in gel polish.  Let your creativity sparkle and shine.

To help spread the cost when you buy bulk glitter Australia from Diamonds and Gloss, you can take advantage of Afterpay and spread the cost over 4 fortnightly payments.

And remember:                                                                                                        Buy Glitter In Bulk = Savings