D&G Builder In A Bottle - Product Use

D&G Builder In A Bottle - Product Use

May 09 2019 0 Comments Builder In A Bottle

What is it used for?

D&G Hema Free Builder In A Bottle has a number of great uses:

  1. Apply it over the natural nails to give extra strength.
  2. Apply it over nail art to give it a thicker protection layer
  3. Apply it over glitter to seal and provide a thicker protection layer
  4. Apply it over Gel Polish for extra strength and protection
  5. Build short nail extensions
(Lets cover these uses one by one in the following blog posts)

    Cure time for Builder In A Bottle is1 minute in a 48 watt LED lamp/light.  2 minutes in a UV lamp/light.

    D&G Hema Free Builder In A Bottle will produce a tacky dispersion layer once cured.  You will need to wipe over this layer with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove it. 

    This B.I.A.B is a soak off formula, approximately 5-8 mins.

    TIP: Cleanse the tacky dispersion layer before applying No Wipe Top Coat and before filing and buffing.


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