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D&G Builder In A Bottle - Product Use

May 09 2019 0 Comments Builder In A Bottle

What is it used for? D&G Hema Free Builder In A Bottle has a number of great uses: Apply it over the natural nails to give extra strength. Apply it over nail art to give it a thicker protection layer Apply it over glitter to seal and provide a thicker protection layer Apply it over Gel Polish for extra strength and protection Build short nail extensions (Lets cover these uses one by one in the following blog posts) Cure time for Builder In A Bottle is1 minute in a 48 watt LED lamp/light.  2 minutes in a UV lamp/light. D&G Hema Free Builder In A...

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How To Remove D&G Hema Free Gel Polish

Apr 20 2019 0 Comments

D&G Hema Free Gel Polish is quick and easy to remove by following these simple steps. What you will need: 180 grit nail file Nail buffer Cotton makeup remover pads Cuticle oil Aluminium kitchen foil Cuticle pusher Step 1.  With a 180 grit nail file, lightly buff away the gel top coat on all fingers.  Tip - Use a cuticle oil around the cuticles prior to soaking to avoid drying the cuticles. Step 2.  Cut some cotton makeup remover pads into pieces big enough to cover your nails.  Soak the pieces in Acetone and place them on top of the nails. Step 3.  Secure...

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How To Apply D&G Hema Free Gel Polish

Apr 16 2019 0 Comments Gel Polish Application Hema Free Gel Polish

Step 1.  PREP the nails for gel polish application by filing and shaping the nails with a 180 grit nail file.  Using a cuticle pusher, push back the cuticles and remove any skin from the nail plate.  Using lint free wipes and your preferred nail cleanser or acetone, wipe and clean the nail plate free of any dirt, dust and oils. Step 2.  BASE COAT Starting on one hand, apply a thin even layer of base coat to each nail and cure in an LED Lamp for 30 sec -1min or a UV Lamp for 2 mins.  Repeat on the other...

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